Clarke Central High School

Recognition Year: 2016
Location: Athens, GA
Enrollment: 1,558
% Economically Disadvantaged Students: 64.0%

Clarke Central High SchoolLocated in the very center of Athens, Georgia, Clarke Central High School has established exemplary programs that extend or enrich learning time for all students based on need.  Each Wednesday, all students receive enrichment or remediation based on their needs during “Glad-time,” named after the school’s Gladiator mascot. In addition, Zero Period, Eighth Period, Afterschool and Saturday School options enable students to advance or catch up in coursework. To make core support in reading, math and science more appealing, the 21st Century Afterschool Learning Program also offers enrichment opportunities for students including mixed martial arts, jewelry making, performing arts, chess club and a competitive Robotics Team that has made it to the finals.

"As we worked to successfully implement our Glad-time program, the school leadership team sought student feedback. This feedback led to the inclusion of enrichment activities, which over time has resulted in increased student engagement throughout the school day,” said interim principal Marie Yuran.

Clarke Central High SchoolClarke Central also extends learning through the Clarke County School District’s Innovative Digital Learning Environments initiative.  All high school students are issued a Personal Learning Device (PLD) for use at school and home. All students have access to technology and the internet through a robust, reliable and fast wi-fi network in the school and through a variety of community partnerships that have helped close the digital divide.

Clarke Central High School’s Instructional Technology Specialist supports effective use of technology through job-embedded 1:1 technology training to improve instructional practices using digital tools.  During each faculty meeting, a new instructional strategy is modeled for the teachers, and teachers are involved in professional learning specifically to support 1:1 implementation.

From a variety of enrichment opportunities to innovative digital learning, Clarke Central High School is at the forefront of ensuring creative and engaging classroom environments for all, which is why it serves to be recognized as a School of Opportunity. 

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