New Vista High School

Recognition Year: 2016
Location: Boulder, CO
Enrollment: 295
% Economically Disadvantaged Students: 30.0%

New Vista High SchoolNew Vista was founded to “break the mold of public education.” Its schedule, class offerings, start times, community involvement, graduation requirements, and classroom instruction, all provide innovative alternatives to the traditional comprehensive high school model.

Through the years, New Vista has become known for its community experience program, culminating project for graduating seniors, inclusive educational model, and its innovative classroom instruction.

Each Wednesday students leave the confines of campus to participate in our Community Experience program, volunteering throughout Boulder County in a variety of ways. In addition to cultivating relationships out in the wider community, strong interpersonal relationships are at the core of the philosophy of New Vista.

New Vista High SchoolOne of the unique features of the school is its Restorative Justice approach to discipline.  Restorative Justice (RJ) is a student-run organization that works side by side with administration, faculty and staff to handle behavioral issues in a non-traditional way.  The restorative process requires students to take responsibility for their actions and gain an understanding of the harm their actions may have caused. In this process, student leaders facilitate circles where an open dialogue takes place between the conflicting parties. Students, staff, administrators, and community members work collaboratively to find helpful and creative ways for a student to repair the harm they have caused in their community and to make amends.

New Vista High SchoolBy offering students a successful alternative to the traditional high school model. New Vista earned Silver recognition as a school of opportunity.

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