Ossining High School

Recognition Year: 2016
Location: Ossining, NY
Enrollment: 1,468
% Economically Disadvantaged Students: 51.0%
Website: http://www.ossiningufsd.org/schools/ohs/

Ossining High SchoolOssining High School is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Ossining, NY.  As a School of Opportunity, Ossining High School has created a high expectation culture for its diverse student body through an array of innovative programming and comprehensive course offerings. Two programs in particular exemplify exemplify the school’s commitment to providing opportunities for its students: the program for students with disabilities, and the program for language minority students.

The program for students with disabilities is not only academically challenging but also fosters an atmosphere where each student, regardless of ability, is encouraged to acquire the skills necessary to become an independent, lifelong learner. For example, 83 percent of Ossining’s special education students are placed in either mainstream classes with additional resource room support or in “inclusion” classes co-taught by content and special education teachers. All students with disabilities are also active participants in elective and extra-curricular programs, especially in the cultural arts. Regardless of the content area or placement on the service continuum, instruction is geared toward meeting the rigorous state standards in which the core classes required for graduation culminate with a Regent’s exam.

Ossining High SchoolSimilarly, Ossining High School provides culturally responsive pathways for its Language Minority students. In the Integrated Co-Teaching Model, an English as a New Language Teacher and a content area teacher, co-plan, co-teach, and co-assess students as they fully participate in classes with native English peers. A supplemental support class allows for pre- and re- teaching as necessary. An Emergent Literacy Program serves students with low literacy skills or interrupted formal education with accelerated instruction that integrates literacy and content learning. For students 18-21 years old, a special program provides Spanish instruction of general academic subjects so that students can pass the TASC (former GED) exam for graduation.

In addition, Ossining High provides wrap-around services that increase both academic knowledge and address students’ social-emotional issues. These include a Tutoring Program held after school and on Saturdays, Newcomers Club, and an on-site Open Door Medical Center. 

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