Revere High School

Recognition Year: 2016
Location: Revere, MA
Enrollment: 1,772
% Economically Disadvantaged Students: 31.0%

Revere High SchoolRevere High School, located in Revere, Massachusetts, serves nearly 2,000 students, 80% of which receive free or reduced priced lunch. Over 12% of Revere’s students are immigrants, many of whom come to Revere with gaps in their education.  In order to meet the unique needs of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE), the Revere has established a Newcomers Academy (NA) for non-English speaking immigrant students with educational gaps.

Revere High SchoolStudents in the Newcomer's Academy are taught and supported by a cross-disciplinary, school-based team that includes ELL educators, core academic content teachers, adjustment/guidance counselors, administrators, and related service providers who provide comprehensive educational services to newcomer students.  Newcomer students are educated in a culturally and linguistically responsive teaching program consistent with their level of English language proficiency and their academic needs.  Instruction in the NA targets gaps in skills and knowledge that SLIFE may have as a result of limited or interrupted education.

Revere High SchoolSince the inception of the Newcomers Academy in September of 2013, many Revere students have successfully made the transition to mainstream classes, where they have had the opportunity to graduate with other students who follow traditional learning pathways established for the high school.  Revere’s Newcomer’s Academy has also reduced the opportunity gap by increasing college readiness, while reducing the dropout rate and student absenteeism. The Newcomers Academy is one of several programs that distinguish Revere as a gold School of Opportunity.

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