Harrison High School

Recognition Year: 2015
Location: Harrison, NY
Enrollment: 1,041
% Economically Disadvantaged Students: 17.0%

Harrison High SchoolOne of the many ways that Harrison High School ensures opportunity is by making all students feel safe. The school is dedicated to creating and maintaining an emotionally safe environment for all students—including its LGBT youth. Upon approval of the Transgendered Student Policy adopted by the Harrison Board of Education, the high school created gender-neutral bathrooms and facilities for both faculty and students who need a more private space. As another example, the school proudly provided one of its transgendered students a platform to address his peers and to educate them about his journey and what he endured. The reception was one of complete acceptance and pride in who he is and the courage he displayed in sharing his story with his classmates.

Harrison High SchoolHarrison’s Gay-Straight Alliance, like GSAs throughout the US, provides a formal presence for LGBT students and gives these students and their allies a way to help educate the broader student body regarding the issues confronting the LGBT community. Thanks to the good work of these LGBT teens and the adults who support them, there is a more tolerant and civil student body at Harrison. Students reported almost no instances of bullying or harassment.

The work of securing a welcoming environment is never complete, but Harrison High School has accomplished much and is better for its efforts in this area of school campus life.

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